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"As former Chair of the Nevada State Republican Party I believe that PK O'Neill is the best candidate for Assembly District 40.”

Bob Seale, Former Nevada State Treasurer


"PK O'Neill was an outstanding legislator with whom I served and know of his character, diligence, and tenacity on behalf of his constituents. He is my choice for Assembly District 40.”

Former Nevada Lt. Governor Mark Hutchison


"I have known PK for many years and have found him to be a dedicated public servant. He has always made the tough choices based upon the analysis of the available information.”

Former Nevada State Treasurer Brian Krolicki


Current and Former Public Servant Endorsements

Former Nevada Lt. Governor Brian Krolicki

Former Nevada State Treasurer Bob Seale
Warren Hardy, former Nevada State Senator
​Pat Hickey, former Nevada Assemblyman​

Randy Kirner, former Nevada Assemblyman

Shelly Aldean, former Carson City Supervisor
Lance Gilman, Storey County Supervisor
Colonel D S Hosmer, NV DPS (Retired)
​Terry Savage, Chief Information Officer State of Nevada (Ret)

Bernie Curtis, Chief of Nevada Parole & Probation (Ret)

Al Kramer, former Nevada Assemblyman

Former Nevada Lt. Governor Mark Hutchison

Lori Bagwell, Carson City Mayor

Former Nevada Secretary of State Cheryl Lau

James Settelmeyer, Nevada State Senator

Ben Kieckhefer, Fmr. Nevada State Senator
Jim Wheeler, Nevada Assemblyman
John Ellison, Nevada Assemblyman
John Hambrick, Former Speaker of the House
Dick Gammick, former Washoe County District Attorney

Maurice White, Carson City Supervisor

Law enforcement ENDORSEMENTS

Carson City Sheriff's Supervisory Association
Douglas County Sheriff's Protective Association

Las Vegas Peace Officer Supervisor Association

Las Vegas Peace Officers Association

Police Officers Association of Clark County School District

Washoe County Sheriff Deputies Association 

Las Vegas Police Protective Association
Las Vegas Police Managers & Supervisors Association

North Las Vegas Police Officers Association

Peace Officers Research Association of Nevada

Public Safety Alliance of Nevada

Reno Police Protective Association








Nevada Assembly Republican Caucus
Nevada Builders Alliance
Nevada Realtors
​Nevada Young Republicans

Keystone Corporation

​Liberty PAC

National Rifle Association

The Republican Women of Northern Nevada​
​Public Safety Alliance of Nevada
​Professional Firefighters of Nevada
Reno Public Safety

Gun Owners of America

A+ rating Nevada Firearms Coalition



Joel & Hallie Kirk
Steve & Pam Robinson
Chris & Sharon Kassity
Bruce “Rudy” Robertson​
Rev. Richard Snyder
Bob Fairman
Dr. Michael Edmunds, M.D.
Aaron West
Larry Messina
Tom Spencer
Laurie Livermore
Court Cardinal
Gil Yanuck
Karl Neathammer
Rob Joiner
Michael Oswell
Eric Svenson
Wayne Cooper
Richard & Debbie Pipkin
Richard & Pat Lubow

Donna DePauw

George Dilger

Vidler Water

Toni & Don Barnes

Robert Pipkin
John & Marie Cooper
Stephen & Laura Lubich
Kathleen & Kenny Bocek
Jeff and Jodi Richards
Boyd Richards
Steve and Marjorie Scott
Jim and Gerri Burruel
Dan and Kris Morrison
Rudy and Lynn Sandoval
Sam Birchill
Kurt Davis

Steve Hartman
Rick Eaton
Roxanne Duer
Robert Gorrindo
Jim Edwards
Pat Ahern
Ron Landman
Robert Milby
Frank & Patti Adams

John Hoy

Lee M. Pisiewski

Richard Staub, Esq
Augustine Abieta
Selanhongva McDonald
Jean Ann Westfall
David Sernowski
Bill Molaski
Norm & Faye Nestelrode
John J. Howe
Scott Freeman
Bob Ferrier
Mike Martinkus
Casey Aiken
Catherine French
Robert Pipkin
Char Perrit
Tray Abney
Karen Ferreria
Fran & Phil Nagel
Richard & Nancy Varner
Stan Schaefer

Peggy Adams

Rachelle Grey

Ken & Nancy Haffey
Charlie Powell
Lea Tauchen
Charles Taylor
Chris Memmott
Clayton Markin
David Hosmer
Mike Crowley
Dr. Richard Bessette, M.D.
Donna Schultz
Tom Woolworth
Ed Gonzalez
Eddie Abboud
Carl & Sue Olsen
Floyd Mori
Frank & Jeannie Voudy
Herb Hoefer
Jay Martinkus
Jimmy Gardner
Stan & Judy Folk
Leigh Ann Salinas

Steve Hartman
Adrian & Mary Anne Dymant

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