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PK O’Neil is a proud Reagan Republican is committed to advocate for open, accountable, and limited government. He believes in our constitution and will fight for policies that provide freedom and promote liberty.


PK was proud to be ranked as one of the Nevada Policy Research Institute’s Top Ten Conservative legislators and earned a 94.01% rating. He has also been endorsed by top conservative groups like the National Rifle Association (NRA), Nevada Firearms Coalition (NFA), Power2Parent, and The Liberty PAC.


During his time in the state legislature, PK has fought for our Veterans, support our local law enforcement, and decrease government red tape. He is committed to bettering our community by  providing greater educational opportunities, working to fix our mental health crisis and fight Nevada’s deadly addiction battles.

Nevada's Economy

Nevada’s economy has been hurt by the coronavirus. While other states allowed businesses to operate, our Governor closed most of ours down. We need to get our economy moving again and be more flexible in engaging local business and helping them through this recovery. Our business community needs to know that we support them, and PK is committed to cutting the red tape and keeping Nevada the business-friendly state it has always been.​


PK has always believed that we can’t ask for more taxes unless we truly commit to reducing out spending and using out current dollar more efficiently. Nevada doesn’t need any more new taxes that can strangle business, especially during a time like this. He is committed to cutting back on unnecessary programs passed during the last legislative session that have impacted our business community and increased the burden on local families.

Mental Health


Nevada has a mental health crisis on its hands that PK is committed to finding a solution for. The ongoing behavioral crises such as opioid and other addictions, overcrowding of jails and emergency rooms, and domestic abuse and suicide, are all are taxing our mental health providers. The need for quality mental health care is vital to Nevada and one of PK’s greatest priorities is providing quality medical care and ensuring that necessary services and providers are available in our communities to address these complex challenges.


He strongly believes that one of the most promising programs on the front line are our Mobile Outreach Safety Teams (MOST) initiated by Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong in partnership with Carson Tahoe Health’s Mallory Behavioral Health Crisis Center and the Carson City Division of Public and Behavioral Health. This program paired Patrol deputies with mental health experts to help them respond to calls involving individuals with mental health while also providing alternatives to emergency rooms and jails. It’s programs like this PK will continue to promote the expansion of to all of our communities throughout Nevada.

Second Amendment

PK is proud to have been endorsed by both the NRA and the Nevada Firearms Coalition and earned an “A” rating from both during his time in the legislature. He is committed to protecting your Second Amendment rights and fixing our grossly flawed current legislation.


PK proudly supports education reform and is committed to school choice polices that empowers parents allowing them to make the best choices for their children. When we support education, we support our future, and PK will always advocate for greater access and opportunities for our children as opposed to increasing taxes to fund a broken education system.


Education should be focused on encouraging Nevada’s brightest future minds as opposed to indoctrinating them with programs like Critical Race Theory (CRT). We should allow students to learn through the model that fits them best as opposed to forced standards like Common Core. We also need to support the expansion of programs at our community colleges, such as the building trades and the medical provider programs.​


Our Veterans have often been overlooked and we need to show them the same support they showed us. In 2015 PK worked with Veteran’s groups and made sure funding was available to build the Northern Nevada Veterans Home in Sparks. PK also fought back against groups who sought to take advantage of our Veterans with by sponsoring AB316. PK is committed to continuing to work with veterans on increasing the awareness and education in addressing the exorbitant number of veteran’s suicides, and working to improve the quality of healthcare that is available to them.

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